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Goose Jewelry

Posted by todblog on August 16, 2005

August 16, 2005

We duped over 150 geese (a.k.a. Sky Carp for those less fond of them) in two different locations around Roseburg. One site was a large wheat field and the other was the local golf course driving range. Each site was baited for 2 weeks using shelled corn while the geese were allowed to become familiar with the net coiled on the ground and the metal posts holding 10 rockets. On D-Day, we hid in a brush pile near the edge of the wheat field some 70 yards away. However, the golf course driving range shoot was an entirely different story.

Approximately 240 geese would come to the driving range corn in shifts and pig-out in the last hour of daylight before heading off to a nearby pond to roost. Our group of volunteers sat around the covered driving range (100yds away) while I sat in a golf cart with the blasting unit and fire extinguishers. All shoots should be this simple. I think it’s some kind of record we set on the golf course, 90 birdies in 10 shots! Now there are a few more birds flying around the valley with leg jewelry on and there will be quite a few happy goose hunters wearing bands on their call lanyards over the next few years.

The golf course staff were very happy to have the geese fuzzed up and not coming onto the course. Golfers can now play without worrying about geese or goose “calling cards” obstructing their shots. The manager wants to keep the pressure on the geese by having a special youth hunt from designated golf carts. They currently charge golfers $20 for an average 4hrs on the course. They think goose hunters would jump at the chance to hunt on the course at that same price, cart included. The refreshment cart person would have to update their inventory list to include several varieties of steel shot to the menu.

Here’s Jacob helping out at the wheat field capture site. I told him to watch his backside since he’s never been goosed before.


Helping hold geese down until they can be recorded, banded and released.


Ten rockets on the way to covering 90+ geese with a net.


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