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Christmas Pig Hunt

Posted by todblog on February 17, 2006

February 17, 2006

We returned to the Big Island of Hawaii for Christmas vacation and the trip went by too fast as I expected it would. It was nice to be in shorts and slippahs again. We did some diving and spearfishing. Alan Nakagawa was kind enough to take us up to Kahua Ranch for a morning of black francolin hunting. It was nice to be out walking in familiar places again. I think I recognized some of the stones I’d fallen over in years past. Jacob didn’t connect with any of the francolins. Just couldn’t hit em in a 20-30mph crosswind. As soon as they got up, they were like jets screaming for the next gully.

We went pig hunting in Ahualoa on Uncle Richard’s property and were totally blown away with the number of pigs we saw. The place was infested!

On our first attempt, it was an evening hunt and Jacob missed an easy shot at 70yds and beat himself up for it. The next trip he had a sow at 15yds that I felt was too small and he scolded me the whole way back to Waimea that I should’ve let him take it. Then on the 3rd trip I agreed to let him take the first pig he saw if it had any size to it. Jacob finally got a shot on a small sow at 30yds. The .260 remington scored again. We soaked it and smoked it in our old smoke house that now resides at the Waimea Fire Station. That piece of tin brings back smokey memories…

Whenever we have a special occasion, we open a vacuum sealed bag of Ahuloa smoked pork and reminisce about the Christmas pig hunt.


Pig hunting is good clean fun!


Jacob ready to remove the smoked pork


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