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March Days (2006)

Posted by todblog on March 31, 2006

The end of March is a special time for me…

There’s the 25th which is our anniversary. I spent it up on the Columbia River catching white-tailed deer with a helicopter contractor who herded them into drive nets. Cool project. 40+ volunteers, handful of agency staff (Washington, Oregon, and US Fish & Wildlife Refuge staff) and 3 veterinarians mugging deer and taking them off one island and slinging them to others.


There’s the 26th which is Kuhio Day. Nobody around here seems to observe that one so, I worked catching more white-tailed deer. I did go to Todai’s in Portland and pigged out on ono sushi on the way back home. No time to take pics of that… it wasn’t pretty.

There’s the 29th which was my birthday. Jeanine asked me what I wanted to do. Since she’d never been out with me on a spotlight route, we went out for pizza and then did a spotlight route to count deer while the kids were watched by other families.


The flashing amber light on the truck is to alert folks that we’re doing something legal when they see a bright light shining in their pastures, hillsides, etc. The magnetic sign is for those who come up on your rear with their high beams and follow you for a mile before they realize it’s a legitimate operation. Of course none of this works for those who can’t read and come up on you with a six pack, spotlight of their own and loaded gun to tell you off.


Glove on outside hand to keep warm when hanging it out the door for 20 miles. Inside hand for holding binocs and scribling on the clipboard any notes on deer and other critters blinded by the light.
You actually see more deer on a warm and drizzly night. Last night it was about 52 degrees and overcast- not bad conditions to see deer out and about.
Got home around 11:30pm after seeing about 24 elk, 60 black-tailed and 4 white-tailed deer on a 20 mile route.
Some folks count sheep before they go to sleep, we count deer. It was fun.


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