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That’s my girl!

Posted by todblog on July 25, 2006

We were target shooting as a family (yep, there’s truth to the maxim that a family that shoots together, stays together) and I asked our 5 year old daughter, Jessie, if she would like to try and shoot a .22 rifle. To my excitement, she said yes. So, we talked about putting the crosshairs on the target and gentling squeezing the trigger…she sat down and tried to get as comfortable as she could with a gun that was too big for her. With her eyes so far away from the scope, it was difficult for her to find the paper plate in the scope.


I was amazed at the intensity she exhibited. She was determined to find the paper plate in the scope and put some holes in it.


And boy was she proud of her shots. Check out the grouping! That’s my girl!



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