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Sharp Shooter

Posted by todblog on January 29, 2007

January 29, 2007


Can you guess which one is Jacob? Hint: it’s the kid who wears shorts in the winter!

Jacob’s been going to the local range every Monday night from 6 to 8pm and practicing with other teenagers from around the Roseburg area. The shooting season runs from October through April and matches are held on the third Saturday of each month. The novice kids shoot prone while more experienced kids shoot sitting and standing. It’s a great exercise for Jacob as he is learning the finer points of FOCUS. There is so much that needs to happen before squeezing a trigger and the ability to tune everything else out and concentrate on the task at hand is so important. It is a valuable skill to hone and hopefully master. It provides us a wonderful analogy to life itself. Focus on breathing, relax, aim, sight picture, and squeeze the trigger. The rifle is an accurate machine, it’s the human behind it that introduces all the error. A good shooter will be entirely consistent about each and every shot and focuses on the shot at hand not dwell on the one before or the one after. Jacob has come to a whole new appreciation for sending a tiny piece of lead 50 feet down range to a sheet of paper with 10 bullseyes on it. FOCUS!

Practicing at home

Jacob practicing on the backyard porch. The neighbor’s cat has somehow learned to fly through the yard…

Here he is with his 3rd place Beginners bracket trophy…



One Response to “Sharp Shooter”

  1. John Peyton said

    A fellow lefty shooter!!! 🙂 Alright!

    Nice choot’n, Kid! Good job.

    Remember……”aim small, miss small”


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