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Scoring Jacob’s First Buck

Posted by todblog on February 8, 2007

January 31, 2007

We recently received word that Jacob’s first buck that he got in the fall of 2005 earned him a spot in Oregon’s Big Game Record Book. The large buck ranks #2 for youth rifle eastern Oregon white-tailed buck. Congratulations to Jacob! Hopefully he’ll appreciate this achievement one day (probably after many more years of hunting and getting skunked like his dad). Here is the story of that buck measuring event…

February 19, 2006

Today I worked the Oregon Dept. of Fish & Wildlife booth at the
Douglas County Sportsman Show and got to hang out for the afternoon clean-up.
It was pretty slow and uneventful… at least nobody was in my face
about wolves, cougars, spotted owls or not drawing an antelope tag
for the umpteenth year again.

I took Jacob’s whitetail deer rack from our October eastern Oregon
hunt and visited the Northwest Big Game measuring booth to get it
scored. That’s all I wanted to do. There were some very impressive
racks and mounts sprawled out along the wall and booth. When I got to
the front of the line, I asked if it wouldn’t be too much trouble to
measure a whitetail rack for my son. The guy behind the booth
suddenly came to life and said, “We don’t get to measure many of
those, lemme see it.” He then asked me how old Jacob was when he shot
the deer. He then asked me to hand him the text book lying on the
table behind me. His next words were, “You really ought to think
about entering this score for the record book, I can tell you without
measuring, it’ll make the youth category…”

I was upset.
All I wanted was a number, a score, that’s all. Now I was being made
to feel guilty if I didn’t consider entering my son’s antler score
for some long list of youth hunters (ages 12-17) where he would
surely tie for 35th place or worse. So, I arm wrestled with myself
and forked out the $20 entry fee.

I went back to my booth and waited an hour for the measuring and
scoring to take place on Jacob’s antler rack.
When I returned, I was told that the #1 youth eastern Oregon
whitetail rifle score is 130.
Jacob’s antler score is 126 4/8, which I’m told places it 2nd or
3rd in the record book.

Now I guess I get to buy the big fat coffee table book when it gets published
this summer!

The measurer then told me, “Too bad you didn’t submit this rack for scoring yesterday, it would’ve been a guaranteed winner for the rifle scope prize and got you into the ATV drawing.”

Boy, more good news, just dump the salt in the wound!

When I came home that night and told Jacob the news about his score, he was shocked at first. Then he
proceeded to tell me, “I told you we should’ve got the deer mounted

I couldn’t bring myself to tell him about the rifle scope and ATV.


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  1. hanaleia said

    way to go Jacob!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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