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College Baseball Scholarship

Posted by todblog on February 13, 2007

February 11, 2007

I don’t remember the last time I played golf, my clubs and my swing are both more than a little rusty. Could it be the last time I went golfing was when I went deer hunting on Lanai with the Waimea gang sharing Steve Clark’s one bag of clubs between 8 guys? Those were the days… walk on free golf, no rush, laid back, casual attire (rubba slippas). Even though it’s been years ago, I can still shank em as good as anybody out there!

The last time I stepped on a golf course driving range was to rocket net 100+ geese a couple of years ago, putting reward bands on them for a band return study. Lots of smoke and goose feathers. I haven’t been back to a golf course since, that is, not until this past week.

With basketball season ending and baseball season about to start. It’s time to dust off the glove and bat and bust out the bucket of balls. I always wanted to construct a batting cage for Jacob to practice hitting at home. Our backyard is plenty big enough but, the limiting factor was always getting the net.

Last year I put the word out to my friend and fellow district wildlife biologist Stuart Love (Parker High School Grad on the Big Island) in Charleston that I was looking for scrap net pieces from commercial fishing vessels as they became available (old nets). Last week he called me to say that the local Coos Country Club was removing their driving range net and replacing it with a new system. They were having a hard time disposing of the net and were thinking that wildlife folks might want them for trap construction, etc. Well, I made a trip down there and took a couple of piles with my assistant and it was hard work trying to move a mountain of net in the back of my truck and trailer bed. It was all balled up with lots of branches and cables, sticks with nails, blackberry vines, etc. We actually broke into a sweat!

After returning to work, I kept thinking of how valuable that netting is and what it would cost to buy that much….a lot of money. We have wildlife rocket nets made from the same material sized at 30 x 60 ft for $2500 + shipping. Well, I contacted the manager and asked if I could get more net for baseball related use and he said to hurry on down. So, I went back Saturday to the driving range and got 2 more piles. This time in my personal truck and trailer. One section is 72 x 100′ and the other is 52 x 100′. Plenty of room for a batting cage in the backyard! The driving range is 300yds long and has net on 3 sides of it! Here are some pics of the excursion. It cost $20 in gas and a half day to get it and come back. Not a bad deal.

There is plenty extra net for other parents who fantasize about their all-star kid having a shot at a baseball college scholarship… once they wake up from that dream there’s always eBay…


First net loaded from a pile in the parking lot. The trailer is a home made 5×8. Not as good as a Custom Made but, it’s my first one…


On the driving range we are picking out 100 feet of net to cut away from the huge bunch on the ground.




The easy part was getting it loaded into my truck with a crane. No big tangled ball.

Stu tells me that elk are a regular nuisance on the course and leave their tracks on the golf course. They don’t bother to replace their divots or pick up their calling cards!


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