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Jeanine’s Elk Hunt

Posted by todblog on February 25, 2007

It started out as a fair morning. Temperatures in the 40’s, off and on drizzle, and cloudy but, the gusts of wind hinted that there was more to come. We brought Jacob with us so he could spend some quality time with his mom in the woods (packing her elk) but, he just wanted to hang out in the truck and sleep. Growing teenager thing. Jeanine and I made a nice hunt around a planted clearcut with lots of elk sign. We just knew that around the next corner we’d be looking at a feeding herd of elk. But, it never happened. Lots of tracks and poop… Maybe next time.

We got back to the truck and drove around to some other spots and the temperature started to DROP. It went from 45 to 32 degrees within a half hour. The rain changed to big white stuff falling from the sky.


We turned on the weather radio and listened to all the warnings and decided to call it quits for the day. Just about that time, our visibility went downhill quickly.



So, we opted to go home and weather out the storm there. We figured the elk must have known about this and were all taking cover in the thick woods anyway. Jacob perked up at the decision to head home. He had other plans for spending quality time with his mom… (scroll down)









Playing X-Box









































One Response to “Jeanine’s Elk Hunt”

  1. aunty florence said

    Nice pictures, especially Jeanine home bound on thne trail?
    You should concentrate on photography!!!!!!!!!!!!


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