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Diagnosis: “Baseball Toe”

Posted by todblog on March 22, 2007

March 21, 2007

As parents, we all wish the best for our kids. Afford them opportunities and experiences, some we had, some we never had and some we hope they never have. Love and nurture them. Tend to them like a young plant, watering it, weeding around it and providing it nourishment to hopefully one day see it grow up to it’s potential. In this case it’s Jacob and his baseball season starting up again.

“Let’s practice pitching Dad!”

The batting cage is set-up in the backyard and we practice hitting everyday when I get home from work. With the daylight starting to stretch out again, it doesn’t get dark until 7:30pm. Typically, it’s a couple of buckets of soft toss hitting into the net and then some live pitching to him for another few buckets of balls. There’s still enough light to see the ball for fielding and pitching practice after all that. So, like a good nurturing dad, I put on the catchers mitt and have Jacob practice his pitching. I have him use the cleanest whitest baseballs so I can at least see the flash and react to it in time.

Not surprisingly, each year his pitches get faster and harder or the glove leather is getting thinner… it often hurts if I don’t catch it just right. That only happens if I can see the ball and react to it in time. Well, catching in fading daylight, with aging knees and ankles isn’t a good idea. I took a direct hit to my right big toe through a running shoe and it hurt. I was afraid to take my shoe off and see the extent of the damage. I couldn’t feel anything for awhile (which was probably good). I was trying to wiggle my toes and figured there must not be anything broken or it would hurt really bad. Not wanting Jacob to feel bad and alter his efforts, I said, “I’m okay”. We called it a day and went in for dinner.

After eating and a shower, I finally got to see my toe. It didn’t look bad, it just hurt. The next day it felt better but looked worse. I have what’s called “Baseball Toe”, apparently a common sports injury that occurs in older males who practice in poor light with aging bodies. The good news is that this condition can easily be stopped from advancing into “baseball nose” or worse, “baseball groin”.



This is what looking at death straight in the eye looks like. A 14 yr old with an Easton Stealth Bat staring the pitcher down…

The batting cage is made from the net I got at the golf course driving range and PVC pipe ribs staked to the ground.








“Baseball Toe”





11 Responses to “Diagnosis: “Baseball Toe””

  1. wendell said

    Looks like your thumb.


  2. robert kanna said

    These are things that I can look forward to. When Keith reaches 14, I won’t be able to squat down to catch a pitch.


  3. Donelle said

    Ouch!! I got one in my windshield.


  4. ning mcgill said

    proud of you, tod!! at least your toe nails were neatly manicured!! good for you and jacob practicing together – good bonding, yeah??!!


  5. George said

    Good hit Jacob, make him hurt when you can. Tod, you have the most feminine feet I have ever seen.


  6. ben lum said

    maybe its time to get a foot mitt, wear a mask and above all a cup to protect the family jewels.


  7. Walter said

    Ouch! Good thing you weren’t wearing your zoris when you took that hit. Cool practice cage – good for saving windows, but kinda does have the unfortunate tendency to channel whatever’s hit in your direction. :-O

    Please say hi to the family.



  8. Bob Hera said

    Glad my children are all gone. I’ll send the grandchildren to their fathers.


  9. Raynette said

    ouch!ouch! ouch! Ha! Ha!


  10. Leslie said

    I’ve seen this before in the ER…it is also known as positive rubba slippa sign- Tod, you gotta wear shoes sometimes! Nice website! aloha to the Lum’s!


  11. Good Job on the articles you have here, thank you for putting your time into it!


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