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Long Pants Pays Off!

Posted by todblog on April 21, 2007

April 21, 2007

Today marked the end of Jacob’s long Junior Rifle Season that began in October.

For the past seven months, teenage kids (12 to 21) came out to shoot at the Roseburg Rod & Gun Club’s indoor .22 rifle range each Monday night. Every third Saturday of the month shooting matches alternated between our club and one from Merlin (1.5hrs south of us). There are several different levels of competition that take into account the various shooting positions. All first year competitors shoot in the prone position in the Beginner Class and eventually learn to shoot more difficult positions such as sitting, kneeling, and standing. There are six targets with 10 shots taken at each one. Each bullseye is worth 10 points. A perfect score is 600. Trophies are only awarded to 1st and 2nd places.

For the past six months, Jacob wouldn’t practice or compete in long pants. It wasn’t cool. Actually it was cold! His scores were inconsistent and probably reflected his struggle to gain control over his breathing and trigger squeeze. Something changed over the last two months, Jacob starting wearing long pants and somehow his scores came up!

Last shoot of the year…


On the shooting line…(red hood)


Jacob with his long pants and First Place Beginner Class trophy



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