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When Negative Is A Great Thing!

Posted by todblog on May 16, 2007

May 16, 2007

This time of year with baseball season, turkey and spring bear season, school activities, etc. there is so much going on that’s it’s easy to miss out on some golden opportunities awaiting us on Oregon’s Coast. This time of year, over the next few months, the moon does its best to pull the waters off the Oregon Coast. These negative (minus) tides leave the tidal flats in the bays and estuaries exposing their delicious secrets for an hour or so. The large expanse of tidal flats is home to several different species of clams and they are broke da mout onolicious!

Clamming along the North Spit of Coos Bay. It was a very crowded day.

The bamboo stakes mark the siphon holes made by a Gaper (Empire) clam. This allows you to dig down and still be able to find the clam when the sides collapse around the hole.



No matter how hard I try, I cannot get Mele our bird dog to point clams.


Our friends Gary & Lucinda Tasaka from Kauai show off their big haul of gaper, butter, and cockle clams.

The clams were either steamed and eaten out of the shell or saute’d in butter and garlic. Was Killer!



10 Responses to “When Negative Is A Great Thing!”

  1. aunty florence said

    Tremendous, Tod!!!!!!
    And Oregon is beautiful.


  2. Uncle Bill said

    How come the son is better looking than the father?


  3. todblog said

    Because, lucky for him, Jacob has his mother’s looks…


  4. Barb Rowland said

    Hey guys! We must have been there around the same time…a little further north though..Long Beach for those BEAUTIFUL RAZOR CLAMS! Up at 4:45 AM arrived at 8:30 and had our limits within an hour..all 4 of us adventuring Rowlands. Would love to try for some of those gapers. Are there any known spots along the Wa. coast?


  5. jim said

    Very nice Mr. Lum. Looks like all is going well in OR. Seems like “we’re” always having fun. Good for you guys. Would love to see you all, but I haven’t been up to OR in Quite awhile.
    Brought my OR here.


  6. ann said

    wish we could enjoy some of those clams—will print up a copy for mom and dad to see


  7. bob said

    Reminds me of when we walked in the mud with our bare feet to feel for the clams. Great for youu guys!


  8. Chelsea Sakamoto said

    Wat Uncle…How cum u stey measuring da clams? Making sure they are legal, like always!LOL…. Wow i remember when we did that the last time we were in Oregon! Say hi to the gang!!! And vist us soon…
    Love Always,


  9. Donna said

    Hey, next time you come, bring some for omiyage.
    Yeah, good thing Jacob looks like mom. Brandon says hi to Jacob…When is he coming back for a visit?


  10. Bob Hera said

    The last time I went clamming was in ’85 when I took my parents and family for a two week Alaskan vacation. We went clamming on some friend’s island. Opihi,mussels, king crab, the whole works!! But some ono!! us jealous!! Bob..


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