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2007 Youth Hunt Weekend

Posted by todblog on October 5, 2007

Each year Oregon Dept. of Fish & Wildlife sets aside one weekend in September for kids 17 and under to hunt waterfowl. The Denman Wildlife Area in Central Point, also offers youth pheasant hunts over the same weekend. So, what’s a kid to do?

Well this year we had to stick around Roseburg on Saturday but, Sunday was free to go chase pheasants. Not being able to stand the fact we would have to stay home on Saturday and miss out on a great pheasant hunt, I got permission from a close-by landowner to hunt waterfowl on his place.

We woke up at 5am and set-up on a pond just before the sunlight peeked over the horizon. It was warm and felt strange to be duck hunting in September’s warm weather. It didn’t look promising as birds were flying around and had destinations in mind other than our decoy set. It turned out to be clear and sunny and that isn’t the best duck hunting weather so, I packed up our stuff and sent Jacob for a walk around the ponds before we headed for home.

As it turns out, he put the sneak on some mallards in a corner of a pond. As he emerged from the brush, I could hear ducks quacking as their wings grabbed the sky. One shot rang out at the rising flock and two hen mallards hit the water. When I caught up with him, I asked why he didn’t keep shooting at all those ducks rising in front of him. I expected to hear about a gun jamming or some malfunction. Instead, he said, “Cuz I already got the daily bag limit of 2 hen mallards and I didn’t want to take a chance of getting another so I stopped shooting.” Wow, that’s real control, for an excited 14 year old boy with a gun and a pocket full of shotgun shells. I was proud of his decision, it showed real maturity and responsibility that he kept the hunting regulations in the forefront of his mind in the midst of all that excitement. What a responsible kid. Sometimes he’s not such a goofball after-all!


The following day was an early one. We invited another youth hunter, Aaron Swanson, to come along and he was being accompanied by Jerry Mires, a retired BLM wildlife biologist. The four of us left Roseburg at 5am and headed down to Central Point in time to register for the youth pheasant hunt. Each year, all the pheasants, food, claybirds and ammo are donated for the annual youth pheasant hunt weekend. It’s an amazing effort that many sports clubs pitch-in and pull off for Oregon’s youth. This year was no different. We gobbled up some hotcakes, sausage, and eggs in the chilly Denman Wildlife Area Baseyard. There were about 70 some kids lined up and anxiously awaiting to hear the safety speech given by the local ODFW wildlife biologist. By 8am adults and kids were entering the 1,780 acre wildlife area looking for pheasants. You could hear cackling roosters followed by several shots followed by continued cackling. We gave Mele a good work out and she did a great job finding birds for us. The limit was two rooster pheasants and they were all around us. Some flushed wildly while Mele found and pointed others. After several missed shots followed by dirty looks from Mele, Jacob was able to connect with one nice rooster over a solid point. By 1pm, we flushed 17 roosters (16 with nine lives). Everyone was tired (especially Mele) and we called it a day. We returned to the baseyard and downed some cold drinks, hotdogs and shot some claybirds. It was a lot of fun to watch the kids and Mele work the fields and get onto birds. We all had a great time.

Although I wish I had these opportunities when I was a kid, I still feel like one when I see the excitement, disappointment, and triumph on Jacob’s face when we’re in the field hunting together. It’s neat seeing him figure things out and seeing the light bulb go on. I may not be the one pulling the trigger but, I’m definitely feeling the adrenaline coursing through my veins as I observe a young boy develop into a responsible young man.



11 Responses to “2007 Youth Hunt Weekend”

  1. ning mcgill said

    hi tod and jacob!
    looks like you had a fun weekend together.still can’t get over jacob toting a gun like a “pro”.

    also like your writing too, tod.well done, informative and entertaining at the same time. “way to go”

    lots of love, mom/tutu


  2. Mike Hino said

    YO! Tod,
    Good to hear from you. Man your boy looks more and more like you. I guess that’s not good news for him. Maybe things will change! đŸ™‚
    I’m a vice principal now at Lahainaluna High School. Oldest School west of the Rockies! Made choke busts too. The stoners HATE ME!!!! HA! I’ve confiscated so much weed. To bad it wasn’t when I was younger! Nah!
    Take Care and tell everyone I said Howzit!!

    Keep in touch,
    M. Hino


  3. Fujioka ohana said

    Sounds like another great experience! Thanks for sharing.


  4. Aloha, Tod and Jeanine,
    Congratulations on raising a fine lad! We are so proud of his hunting abilities, just as you both are. I wait for the blog when you tell me that Jessie got her first elk! Work on it will ya??? Jacob’s mallard story reminds me of last year’s duck season here. I shot 1 of 3 pintails on the river, as they flushed. When Ka’imiloa realized what happened, he asked, “Why didn’t you shoot another one?” I said, “I only wanted ONE!” Turns out the daily limit on pintails is only one a day. Good thing I wasn’t trigger happy!


  5. ralph saitos said

    What a responsible young man you guys have! Glad you’re having a great hunting season. Ralph just saw so many former co-workers at Pat C.’s beautiful service. Will miss him. Enjoy the Fall season! Kamuela has been really dry too. Hope you got a renter for your house!


  6. Donna said

    Hi there,
    Brandon and Joey had a great time with the archery youth hunt at Puu Waa Waa. Brandon caught a polled ram. Alyssa caught a polled ram, too. Joey also took Brandon Puu Waa Waa, makai, and shot a nanny last weekend. Too bad the season is pau. I will try to send you pictures when they give it to me.
    Aside from that, we are all doing okay. Very busy, 2 kids in high school. Life is very good!
    Take care and keep in touch. Thanks for sharing. Hope to see you guys soon.
    Aloh pumehana,
    The Mah Ohana


  7. Dave Goldberg said

    Looks like you are having some fun. Zach and I have been hunting up a storm. I was fortunate enough to be invited to join a hunting club that is 15 minutes from home. 1600 acres along the Minnesota River with 2 duck lakes with perfect habitat. The property is incredible full of Ducks of all kinds, geese, turkeys, and deer. The early goose season started September 3rd. I have averaged 4 days a week and Zach 2 days a week. We can actually hunt in the morning and get back to school or work on time. Zach has been pretty deadly with his 20 gauge pump! I was fun to see the look on his face when he shot is first goose! We had the Youth waterfowl hunt on the 15th. I took Zach and a friend of his. We started off pass shooting which both expensive and a good laugh for me. Shooting teal and wood ducks going with the wind is not very easy. After shooting 2 boxes of shells with a goose and 3 ducks in the bag we decided to stand in the water and set up some decoys. Not much came in but the accuracy was much better. On the 29th we had the general waterfowl opener. We went out to the farm and had pretty good luck. Its was a boys dream with Duck hunting, bow shooting, clay pigeons, target practice with the the 22 and great food! What else could a few 13 years ask for. Next weekend is pheasant opener. We’ll be out at the farm. There are lots of birds this year but the early part of the season is always difficult because the corn is still up.

    Happy hunting!

    Dave and Zach


  8. Liz Chock said

    Great to hear from you! Thnx for sharing — wow – Jacob is a young man & looks just like you & Jeanine! Saw your cousin(?) Carol Anne Lum this weekend in Oahu – she mentioned you. Jon, Nick, Chris and I are doing fine – busy busy busy, still @ Keck, CC now in 1st & NC in 8th. The closest we have ever got to ‘hunting’ is fishing this summer in Alaska! Oh yes, actually Jon is trying to shoot the wild turkeys (sometimes 30) that wander into our backyard from the golf course! I think he even borrowed a friend’s airgun! Please say HI to Jeanine, Jacob & Jessie!


  9. Scott Bassett said

    Hey Tod!

    It’s good to see you and your son are enjoying growing up/growing older in such a positive way. Much to be proud of in your son. I haven’t done much hunting in the last couple of years. Your story makes me miss it…a bunch! My lab is just over eleven and still has the passion for hunting but the the body can not quite keep up. He has been a great companion though and I have kept him active. I just returned from Montana on a “look around” trip. Lot’s of beautiful scenery and lots of wildlife. All the best, Scooter


  10. Sharon Kokubun said

    Hi! Good Job Jacob! Wish I was there too. As Ralph said, saw a lot of us “old-timers” from DOFAW–too bad it was for a sad occasion like Pat’s funeral. Enjoy the rest of the season.


  11. KungFu said

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