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Game On !!!

Posted by todblog on March 11, 2008

March 11, 2008

We are blessed to have a freezer with an abundance of game meat (bear, deer, elk, and antelope). The cuts of meat are vacuum packaged in a plastic bag and labeled for long term storage in the freezer. They keep well and last for a few years in this condition. Going to the store to buy meat just doesn’t make sense when we have steaks, roasts, stew, and burger meat stored in the freezer at home. Sure there are times when we forget to take a package out to thaw for a meal and end up getting something quick from the store. However, that should be the exception. Meals at our house are varied and we utilize these delicious gifts by making stews, chili, spaghetti meat sauces, sausage, jerky, thin-sliced teriyaki steaks, cutlets, chicken fried steak, hamburgers, stroganoff, grilled steaks, and a bunch of other ways. Often there are leftovers from dinner and they get packed away for lunch at work or for Jacob’s school lunch. Teenagers can be so observant of the differences between themselves and there is a long self-imposed list of things to do/be like in order to conform with the “norm”. Cell phones, clothes, and hair are just a few examples (I’ll not talk about the desire to dress like a skateboarder and have the “mop head hair-look” with a flat-billed ball cap tilted upwards and/or to the side). Well it seems Jacob’s friends have zeroed-in on his lunches that dad packs for him. It started a long time ago when he brought SPAM musubi for lunch. Ever since, they’ve always wondered what weird food he would bring next. Now they notice he seems to eat a lot of venison or other game meats for lunch. It’s been the subject of lunchtime jokes. I was worried about his need to”fit-in” and wanting to halt all game meat meals from making their way to school so, I made up a quick comparison between domestic and game meat for his information…

A Comparison Between Domestic Meat Versus Game Meat


That’s just the comparison of the physical meat itself. However, there is the whole issue of where it came from and what it cost in carbon units (food miles) to get to your table. Buying meat from the grocery store doesn’t mean it came from your community. Likely it was delivered by trucks that got it from a distribution center that got it from somewhere else as far away as New Zealand (lamb) which means ship or air freight. More carbon spent to get that protein on your plate. To eat something produced locally is the best way to cut down on carbon units. The new green word for that is localvore.

Conclusion: Game meat is far superior to domestic meat in it’s health benefits and is a source of great pride when brought home from the field to the table by ones own hand. In other words, anybody can go to the store and buy a slab of meat someone else fed chemicals to, slaughtered, placed on a styrofoam tray and wrapped in cellophane for you but, it takes a special person to endure the elements and outwit a wild animal in it’s own environment to bring it home to feed your family. In addition, you know a great deal more about the handling of that meat as opposed to the meat you get from a store. That’s something to take great pride in. Still, in many places today, villages select skilled hunters to go out and bring back game for the families. It is a huge responsibility and it comes with great status- to be a hunter. People rely upon hunters for their very existence. Unfortunately in developed parts of the world, people have mentally distanced themselves from the food web and they forget where they’ve come from and how they got there.

Maybe it’s the way Jacob eats that gets his friends attention…this time it’s a juicy antelope cheese burger!

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