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Hapa Comes To Town

Posted by todblog on July 16, 2008

July 11, 2008

During the summer months the towns of Roseburg and Winston host a number of weekly outdoor musical attractions that are free to the public. Each week finds folks bringing their folding chairs or laying down a blanket on the grass and enjoying the lazy summer sunlight listening to a wide variety of musicians while drinking their favorite beverage. These events are made possible by a number of local businesses that sponsor the events and get some great talent to visit our small corner of the world. Tonight was a very special treat as the group that came to visit us was Hawaii’s own…Hapa! Lots of islanders came out of the woods for this concert and were treated to a great show!

The last time we heard these guys was up close and personal at Bitsy Kelley’s big 4-0 birthday. We were invited to her party in Aurora, OR and we had just relocated from Hawaii to Roseburg within the past few months. We knew her party was gonna have choke good local food so there was no question us locals were going. When we pulled into the driveway and parked, we could hear live music coming from the back of the house as guitars were being tuned. We thought, this is gonna be cool. When we got inside we found out the guys tuning the guitars were Barry Flannigan and Nathan Aweau, da bruddahs from Hapa, and they were gonna be in our faces on the back deck of the house! Oh Wow Laulau! (Funny how we had to move 2500 miles away from home to hear Hapa up close and personal).

hapabitsbdayJacob and Jessie listening to Hapa at Bitsy’s Birthday Party

The food was ono stuff catered from Noho’s Hawaiian Style Cafe (another Kalani High grad) in Portland and it was extra good eating the food and listening to Hapa. It was a chilly afternoon and there was a heater on the deck placed directly in front of the entertainers who were dressed with stocking caps on their heads. Between songs, Nathan asked the crowd of islander ex-pats, “So, why you guyz live up hea?” A person from the crowd grabbed the platter of sashimi and said, “Look brah, no flies…” It was hysterical and apparently it made an impression on the musical duo.

After the concert in Winston, we met up with Barry and he remembered us from Bitsy’s party. Only this time, he was in shorts and an aloha shirt. It’s just a guess but, I think he would rather play during Oregon’s summer concert weather. Those boys can jam!


6 Responses to “Hapa Comes To Town”

  1. Bets said

    Don’t know them, but I bet you enjoyed a taste of home!


  2. Kim Magoon said

    HI Guys, Oh that sounds sooo cool and fun. I love Hapa –and one of my favorite hula songs is Ke Uluwehi o Ke Kai. Nathan Aweau is getting more well known on his own over here too-I love his music.
    Thanks for the email blog, I’m still in awe that you can do that!!
    Anyway-lots of vog over here from our active volcano. Glad your family is doing so well. Carson is going in to 9th grade over here at HPA. A whole different world, Alex will be in 7th.
    Love hearing from you guys-say hi to everyone from me. Aloha, Kim


  3. tutu m ac said

    hi, tod. ono haw’n food, greathaw’n music!! too good,yeah?? how you rate!! wished i wuz with you guys.
    goodnews from Lax today, mac did well on his heart procedure,will be discharged tomorrow (thursday), and return to kauai 7/21. have you started on the renovation project??
    love you all. xoxo, mom


  4. Toa said

    Maika`i no kela! Himeni hou, himeni hou!


  5. Brandon said

    Hey there,


  6. Brandon said

    OOppps! The last time we saw Hapa live was when we were in Lana’i. We were eating dinner at the Lodge at Koele and we heard some these guys singing. Sheila Goo said that these guys are really good. They do Hapa songs really well. Well, I leaned over and told her, thats because they are Hapa. The original guys that is. Hope you guys are okay. Summer is really short for us. The kids go back to school in a couple of weeks. Lyla is going to be a senior already. She is the SBG president. It’s going to be a very busy year for all of us. Brandon is still doing robotics. They went to Atlanta,GA for the national tournament that they qualified for. Thats a story in itself. Take care and keep in touch.
    Aloha pumehana, da Mahs


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