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If Can Can, If No Can No Can

Posted by todblog on September 1, 2008

September 1, 2008

We spent the last few days at Imnaha for our annual get-together that involves good company, lots of great food, early morning hunts, mid-day fishing, and late afternoon hunts. Usually there is fall bear season, archery deer & elk, and grouse season as options for hunters that time of year. So, we usually stuff as much gear as possible in the truck to max-out on the hunting and fishing opportunities as best as we can in a few short days. It usually takes at least a week and a bottle of Aleve to recover from all that activity.

One thing for sure is forest grouse season always opens on September 1. This year that happened to fall on Monday our travel day to get back home before school starts the next day. Travel time is approximately 11 hours one-way between Imnaha and Roseburg. That means getting an early start on the road, if can.

One of the family members that came with us was Mele our 10 year old German short-haired pointer. We weren’t sure if we would have enough time to get in a morning bird hunt with her as there is always lots to do on the last day such as packing and cleaning-up. We brought the shotguns along just in case…

Well the last night of our stay was spent deliberating whether to go grouse hunting or not the next morning. We brought Mele all this way and we knew there were grouse a few hundred yards from camp… it would be a crime not to go, if only for a short while. Only one problem, our gear checklist was incomplete.

An important issue when hunting with pointing dogs is to know where they are, especially in dense creek bottom brush. Once Mele locks up on birds and is motionless, it’s hard to pinpoint her location. We normally suit up Mele with a beeper collar that puts out a tone when the collar is motionless after a few seconds. However, the collar wasn’t working! We looked around for a bell to attach to her collar so we’d at least know where she was last heard before pointing birds and going silent. But no bell could be found.

We were determined to take Mele out for a short spin the next morning with or without a bell. As folks in Hawaii say, “if can can, if no can no can”. Translated that means, “if you can that’s okay, if you cannot that’s okay too”. Lucky for us we found a small tin can, some wire and steel washers. It would have to do. It was quickly fashioned into a bell with a pair of pliers and we were styling. It had a dull ring to it but, it would work for our purposes.

Jacob and I got started about 6am and within an hour Mele found about 12 ruffed grouse. The cover was thick and made for some tough shooting. We called it quits at 7am and headed back to camp to pack and clean-up. It was a crazy way to start off a long and busy day but, we were glad we took the time to take Mele on a short hunt. She had a great day that started out with a bang.

Mele with her Can-Do Attitude…

Mele and Jacob with the No Bell Prize- a nice ruffed grouse!


10 Responses to “If Can Can, If No Can No Can”

  1. Tamara said

    Great story and picks. We miss you already:)


  2. John Peyton said

    Dang, Bra! How you write da story so quick? I’m still trying to figure out if I should be glassing this morning or answering emails.

    Great story…looking forward to more! Your tales are always enjoyable.


  3. Uncle Howard said

    Todd: Thanks for the family updates: What does Jacob plan to study in college – doctor, lawyer, animal sciences, businese? He appears cabpable to acomplish almost anything he’s inclined to fix hios sites on.

    Aunty Jean & I will be in Portland, Beverly Hilton to see the University of Hawaiii play Oregon State at Corvallis. Randy will be joining us . We arr 08/11 and lv 08/14

    Aloha Unc Howard


  4. Ox said

    Aloha Tod,
    You and your family have great balance and are building priceless memories and bonds that will stand the test of time. Again, your improvising fits the saying “when there is a need, there is a way”. Are you patenting the beast?
    Mahalo for sharing. God bless – Ox


  5. wendell said

    Good article with nice conversational ambience. You got the gift. Sorry I missed the fun.



  6. Terri said

    Hey McGyver,

    I love the story almost as much as the caption puns! I love resourcefulness. It is a WONDERFUL thing. That’s a life skill lesson you won’t get at any school!


  7. Bob Hera said

    Hi Guys,
    Great stuff,Keep it coming. Love to all. Malama ponon, Bob..


  8. This was a great story about a can. All us locals know that it was a Vienna Sausage can. I might be up that way in a week.

    Hope to see you soon.



  9. bob said

    Howzit Tod,
    I knew You couldn’t resist going out for the grouse, even if it was only for an hour. Great job on the bell. Great Adventure once again.
    Mahalos for sharing
    Take Care!


  10. ralph saitos said

    Glad Mele still can ! You all did well…have a great school year Jacob. You’ll be taller than Tod very soon!


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