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Christmas Tree Hunt

Posted by todblog on December 19, 2008

December 14, 2008

dsc_03361View overlooking Steamboat Creek in the Umpqua National Forest

This year we wanted to harvest a Christmas tree from the woods instead of getting one on a tree farm. So, we packed the truck up and headed to the Cascades. Our first stop was the Umpqua National Forest Glide Visitor Center to get a tree permit. They cost $5 and it allows you to find a tree under 12 feet tall somewhere on the vast expanse of Forest Service or Bureau of Land Managemet Lands. We headed up to Steamboat Creek about 45 minutes up the road and we were hoping that recent snowstorms hadn’t dumped too much snow in the area.

Right off the bat, we got into snow and found the going slow so we put on tire chains to get into some better tree country. We didn’t feel too bad about the location we chose as there were other vehicle tracks going into the area. We knew we wouldn’t be alone if we got into trouble… you know safety in numbers kinda thing.

We crawled along higher and higher until the snow got too deep and we declared that a tree was gonna be found in the immediate area. Coming up behind us was another Roseburg family, the Gayners, and they were looking to do some sledding and find a tree too. Surprisingly, we ended up getting a nice tree nearby. The trees look entirely different when they are covered in snow as the branches are all droopy with the weight of snow on them. It requires a lot of shaking and getting covered in snow to find the right tree. We spent the rest of the afternoon sledding down a spur road. It was a real blessing to run into the Gayners as they brought an ATV which made a nice sled run for the kids and they brought hot cocoa! I also had to borrow their folding saw as ours was hidden so well in the backseat of the truck. I didn’t find it until we unloaded the truck at home.

dsc_0365Shaking trees to find the right one

dsc_03731“Mom, are you absolutely positive this is the one?”

dsc_03812Jacob Lum-berjack

dsc_0388Dragging the tree

dsc_04001Tagging the tree for the trip home

dsc_03931Loading the tree in the truck

dsc_04411Jarrod and Jessica sledding down the spur road.

dsc_04551Jacob catching some air off the ramp

dsc_03381Merry Christmas Tree Hunters


15 Responses to “Christmas Tree Hunt”

  1. donelle said

    Nice job Jacob. What did dad do to help?


  2. Lisa said

    Awww, what a great story and great photos! Is Jacob seriously officially bigger than mom and dad now? He looks huge! Warm holiday wishes to you all.


  3. jackie said

    Todd loved the snow affect on the blog !! Jeanine we miss you all sooo much now i understand why you love it all out there looks like your out in gods country and your standing right on top of it !!! We wsh you a safe and merry merry christmas and a happy new year !!! love jackie dwaine spencer mason xxxoooo


  4. Cory Lar Rieu said

    I can’t believe how big the kids are. Jacob is taller than you? You guys look great!! Good to see. The Christmas tree cutting will be an experience the kids will always cherish. Good job mom and dad. Very different from looking for a coconut tree to decorate. Mele Kalikimaka and Hauole Makahiki Hou (not sure of the spelling).

    Cory 🙂


  5. Sharon said

    Nice tree and beautiful pics. Looks like lots of fun. Jessica, you are the cutest little snow bunny ever! Mele Kalikimaka!


  6. George Coates said

    Let’s see….. five bucks for the tag: twenty bucks for gas(4X4 in the snow)a day spent in God’s Country… priceless.
    Way to go Lum’s!!!


  7. Terri said

    Fab looking family and warm looking too. Can’t wait to come visit you guys again……someday.


  8. John W. said

    What’s up with all that snow ? No really, that looks way too cold ! Looks like you guys had a great time though. Awesome pictures.


  9. Beets said

    Toddly Woddly! I better not show these pictures to our kids – darn rug rats. Here they are in paradise and they miss the snow! Wishing you all a VERY merry Christmas. I’ll have the rest of your Lums here in my house on Christmas day. We’ll give you a call!!


  10. Janie said

    Hi Guys! What fun!! Very different than the sand pine I cut in 80 degrees at the tree farm in Florida! The man that helped me reminded me of Grandaddy! I am so happy you all are able to enjoy the beautiful places around you! We are all so blessed to be able to play and work outdoors!
    Much Love and Merry Christmas!
    Janie and family


  11. Mark Adkins said

    whoa brah, trees on USFS A-S were $15 for any species, up to ten feet in height. Northwest seems to offer a better price point. Still you can not beat the sled, snow and cutting a Christmas tree with a 3.5 year old when you are done with your wife’s elk hunt! Keep writing your tales afield


  12. Sharon Kokubun said

    Happy Holidays! Thanks sharing the beautiful pictures. I guess it feels more like Christmas there than here. We had a couple of good days with wind, rain, and cool–but mostly it’s been pretty miserable. Very muggy! It’s funny to see people in ski jackets and pile lined jackets here when it hit around 70!! I keep checking the weather in Washington, Oregon, and New Mexico–and wish I was on the plane!

    Have a Great New Year.


  13. wendell said

    Memories that live forever!



  14. Bets said

    Awesome Xmas here in Jawaia! Had to fight my way out the front door, tripped on the cat (not ours) which WAS SNOOZING IN THE SUN!!! SNOW ON MAUNA KEA !!!

    (s) Frank

    Bryn took his daughter Brookie and Lyn up for snow boarding several times. Huge crowds on Sunday, but very few people Monday. They (Bryn, Debbie and Brooke) have gone to Kapua for the next couple of days. We’ve had RAIN! Lovely and much needed. Our water bill was $440 last two months.

    Hau`oli Makahiki Hou to all four of you!



  15. Donna said

    Cool…or shall I say cold. I’m glad that there is snow only on Mauna Kea. Whew, it still is cold here though. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
    Love ya,
    Donna and co.


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