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Willamette Pass Snowboarding

Posted by todblog on January 7, 2009

January 3, 2009

Today Jacob finally got a chance to head back to the slopes and do some snowboarding with some friends. All week long the weather forecasts singled-out this day to be pretty nice. It called for a break in the rain/snow and partial clearing of the skies. It can be difficult having faith in the weather man this time of year with systems heading our way from the Arctic and Pacific Ocean. Nonetheless, Jacob was excited to strap on a snowboard and test his snowboarding skills against Mean Ol’ Mr. Gravity. I simply prayed we would all come down the mountain with body parts intact and uninjured.

We left Roseburg around 6am and pulled into the Willamette Pass parking lot at 8:15am. There was a steady flow of traffic heading to the ski resort and it seemed like lots of folks had the same New Years weekend idea. With all their gear and lift tickets acquired, the boys headed for the slopes. My only contact with them would be a Motorola 2-way radio that would give me an occasional idea of what they wanted me to know they were doing.

My parting words for Jacob were, “Don’t get stupid or I going crack your head”. He probably wasn’t too worried as he was wearing a new brain bucket (helmet). I was also a little concerned about his leg and arm bones which he might need for things like pitching, hitting, and running in a couple of months when high school baseball starts up again. For myself, an injured shoulder would prevent me from joining the boys so, I grabbed a table in the dining room with a good view of the ski area and the ski patrol/first aid station. I would call this spot home for the next seven hours as I buried myself into a “Sudoku for Dummies” book.

Every now and then I would peer over the top of my book to see what was going on outside. Then it happened- I saw a pair of Ski Patrol staff members coming down the slopes with a body basket in tow. They glided down to the first aid station and ever so slowly uncovered the accident victim bundled up in blankets. Instantly thoughts rushed through my head… Was it a skier or a snowboarder? What color jacket did the boy have on? Oh, I’m gonna slap that boy’s head…  Then a familiar face appeared in front of me, it was lunch time and the boys had made it back to the lodge.

I would only see the boys for a brief 20 minute sushi lunch and off they went again to shred more snow. They all had a blast exploring the different runs and lifts and by 4:15pm we were pulling out of the parking lot onto Hwy 58 and heading back down the mountain. The ride down was filled with chatter about “you shouldda seen ___”, “dude ___”, “wow, I biffed so hard___”, “and remember the trees…”, “next time ___”, etc.

One thing for sure, Mean Ol’ Mr. Gravity is gonna make them sore for the next few days.


Jacob and fellow snowboarders Isaac, Andrew and Trevor


12 Responses to “Willamette Pass Snowboarding”

  1. randy lee said

    good story. drive 4 hours sit for 7, thats love! hope all the lums had a merry xmas. Randy


  2. Tamara said

    Sweet Ass story:) Wickedly written:) Happy New Year. Give the family hugs for me. Tamara


  3. Terri said

    So what if there’s sun in Hilo and was out in my shorts and t-shirt cutting down bananas. Snow looked like way more fun in those pictures.


  4. donelle said

    Been there done that. I know what it is like to wonder who is coming down on that ski patrol basket. Glad to hear that a good time was had by all and Jacob still has a head on his shoulders.Donelle


  5. Lisa said

    Eh Jacob, I had major snow fever this winter since we couldn’t ski, but it didn’t stop me from torturing myself checking the daily snowfall totals at some of our favorite Lake Tahoe ski sites. Then I felt worse…so thanks for letting me live vicariously through you. Glad you made it home with all your limbs in good shape. 🙂


  6. cousin Karen said

    thank you for sharing the adventure, what a great life!!!!! is jacob going to be taller than you and Jeanine? i got to see your mom, and she’s looking good, i remember the days she would pick me up when i was a kid, she’s still so gracious, we got to talk with auntie mousie too



  7. Brad said

    Rock and Roll Jacob. Stay away from that nasty MT ASHLAND. Hope you all have a wonderful New Year.



  8. bob said

    A wise man. I guess that when you are older you’re suppose to be wiser, and that is what you are Tod. Also being older also makes you worry more. Oh well. Great adventure for the boys. Love your outings.


  9. Raynette said

    You always have great stories to share, Glad to hear everyone went home in one piece. My 2 Boy are now in Alaska and have been going snow boarding. Seeing your picture it sure looks like alot of fun. When do we get to see you coming down the slopes!:)
    WARM wishing from Hawaii


  10. ralph saitos said

    thanx for photos.glad Jacob & friends had a great time. Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa are covered with snow, too! Have a great 2009 new year.Kung Hee Fat Choy, Jan. 30. year of Ox!!!Love to all!!


  11. Janet Witten said

    Hey Cuz…
    Catching up on life, and your blog. I am still in awe of how wonderful both you and Jeanine are at preserving memories…and at keeping us connected. What a joy! It really makes me miss you guys! Give our love to Jessica, Jacob and Jeanine! Love, Janet, Tom and Cassidy


  12. Pam said

    “Don’t crack your head!” – that’s such a Lum phrase, makes me chuckle. What a good dad, Tod. My 13 yr old Quinn would love to be adopted. He’s always talking about snow – and you know how much we get here =)

    Love, Cuz.


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