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Cascade Pizza

Posted by todblog on October 26, 2009

October 18, 2009

This weekend was the opener for the Cascade Bull Elk Season and our district wildlife crew and some volunteers scattered to cover the Cascade Wildlife Management Units within Douglas County to check hunters. We put in some long full days logging in lots of miles on backroads visiting camps to see how hunters were doing. With all the country to cover, there is not much time to stop for lunch and there’s no stores or drive-inn’s found in the woods either. So, I usually settle on a bag with a cold sandwich and some snacks to hold me over until dinner. However, something caught my eye in the refrigerator on Sunday morning- leftover pizza. It was a huge slice of stuffed crust pizza with a good covering of cheese, pepperoni and tomato chunks. I wrapped it in heavy foil and took it with me to work. The pizza would be a treat but, I knew it would be way better if I could just heat it up before eating it.

Well, before leaving the office, I opened up the hood of my truck and tucked my pizza slices in the engine compartment where it wouldn’t budge or work loose. After several hours of driving gravel and dirt roads checking hunters I pulled up to a nice overlook and decided it was lunch time. I popped open the hood and gently grabbed the foil treasure. To my delight, the pizza was a perfect temperature and ready to gobble down with no concern over melting your mouth.

Like most cheese and pepperoni pizzas, they get a little greasy when heated up. This was no different on the engine block. Thanks to the heavy duty foil, at least I knew it wasn’t 30 weight engine oil dripping off my fingers!


Cool crisp fall mornings are part of the elk hunting heritage.

DSCN2258Nice view of the Indigo Wildlife Management Unit in the upper Willamette drainage

DSCN2266Found a good place to take a late lunch break with a view of the Cascades

DSCN2263Lunch is served!

truckrackLucky hunter heading home with a nice bull elk


13 Responses to “Cascade Pizza”

  1. Walter Ikehara said

    On one of those lists of “jobs to die for,” I think yours might make the list. 🙂

    Great story, Tod. Best wishes to all in the family, and Happy Halloween!


  2. Rick Habein said

    I was expecting the story to end differently. Something like the vehicle being towed home after having caught fire and burning a small portion of the forest. I know …sick. The truth be known that is how my story might have ended.


  3. Terri said

    It’s gotta be the Chinese resourcefulness! I’m sure glad it had a happy ending.


  4. Nida said

    Great pictures, Tod! Hope all is well with the family and may you have a safe and happy Halloween!


  5. Uncle Howard said

    Todd: Its great that you have such a great family life. In the end that’s really all that’s left

    Aloha and Love

    Uncle Howard

    ps: Randy is considering moving to LA… over see the largest financial area of Wells Fargo..big decision…but time to move on to bigger things…THe turned down the position two years ago..


  6. Orlando Oxiles "Ox" said

    Aloha Tod,
    Can tell you are still local with the priority on filling the belly. You are doing a swell job in Oregon.


  7. Sandy DeMaris said

    Tod – I love hearing from you and you are a great story teller.
    Sounds like everyone is well and happy in your family. Jim and I are doing great. Jim swims laps every day now except for weekends and he loves it.
    Take care and give my best to family. Sandy


  8. Bets said



  9. Keith S. said

    Aloha Tod,
    Let me know how it works with real food-Beef stew, Laulau and squid luau. The hunters going be stalking your truck.


  10. Bob Hera said

    Reminded me of the military days when we used the trucks to heat up our rations. But neva was much of a pizza fan. Aloha to the Family. Bob..


  11. Donna Mah said

    Ewwwwww. I remember Joey guys warming up their Banquet chicken on the dash board. I am amazed that you guys didn’t die of food poisoning. Lucky you!! Sounds like you guys had fun.


  12. ralph saitos said

    Tod!!!! You would be the one to find a way to stay fed!!!Good thing you have a great truck. Hope it had a few licks of cheese or butter! Have a great fall season and happy halloween to you and yours. love, ralph jean


  13. ning mcgill said

    hi, tod.
    keep your stories comin’ – enjoy them all. saw elton past week – he’s going hunting in montana. xoxo, mom


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