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Fungus Among Us

Posted by todblog on November 9, 2009

November 8, 2009

Well this marks the ending of the 2009 Western Oregon Deer Rifle Season. We had over 30 days to find a buck blacktail and it came down to not investing enough time. Lots going on this fall including remodeling the house, kids activities, work, and remodeling the house. I only managed to get out 3 days to hunt. It was a lot of fun being out in the woods anticipating the big buck to be just around the next tree. However, hunting blacktails is very humbling. The odds are on their side from the start. They are so tuned in to movement, sound, and smell. Many folks wait for the end of the season when bucks are getting close to the rut and are more concerned about finding girlfriends than remaining unseen. That was my hope… finding lovesick bucks as the season came closer to the end.

I enlisted the help of a professional, Michael Burrell. Now this guy has a deep passion for hunting. He is a hardcore hunter who takes the fall harvest season seriously. He travels the west in search of big game to hunt and has done quite well. Michael spent a couple of days with me looking for blacktails in the Cascades. It was under some tough conditions. One day it was sunny and warm and the other day it was windy. We made several hunts, checked lots of different spots and tried rattling antlers too. We didn’t find many deer but, we did see highways of tracks and sign. Blacktails are humbling.

As my last remaining grains of sand trickled through the hour glass, I resorted to a last ditch attempt to bring something home. I got out a plastic bag just for this occasion and picked some chanterelle mushrooms. They were popping up everywhere on the forest floor. I felt like a kid on an Easter egg hunt where adults left eggs in the middle of the lawn for an easy find. The mushrooms would’ve been killer on a venison steak or mushroom deerburger. But, it was not to be. Instead, we fried some up with lup cheong sausage, it was good. Blacktails are humbling.

mikerainNote the raindrops rolling off my rifle’s barrel.

mikeglassMichael in seek and destroy mode.

IMGP4065A nice hillside with unseen deer.

deertrack260Lots of buck tracks around…a .260 Remington round to be exact.

shroombowl20 minutes of picking chanterelle mushrooms.

jessshroomsJessie waiting for the cooking to begin.

lupcheongshroomLup Cheong Sausage and chanterelles.


11 Responses to “Fungus Among Us”

  1. doug said

    Pretty country – I like clear cuts ! Good looking food, can’t get that here in SC. And that little girl is growing up fast – soon daddy will have his rifle set up on the front porch warning the boys off, methinks !



  2. Sandy DeMaris said

    Now that’s what I call GOOD HUNTING! Ha! I guess I am getting older, especially today, it’s my birthday!

    The pictures were well worth the hunting trip, and I think now I would rather take pictures of a live deer rather then a dead one. What a pretty daughter…she must look like Mom! Ha! Ha! I wish you Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas too…I wish you well..
    Love you Tod…Sandy and Jim


  3. Rick Habein said

    we too ended up without. I am in good company. This week left to find an Elk. May be a beef and lamb winter.


  4. tamara said

    Tod, great story once again. Sorry you didn’t get your deer, but the mushrooms look delicious. Tell your family hello. Come visit anytime.


  5. Sharon Kokubun said

    Sorry you didn’t get the prize, maybe next season. But you did get some great looking mushrooms.I’d like to pick mushrooms one day, hopefully they’re all edible.

    Hi! to the family!


  6. Bob said

    All is not lost, What a fantastic sounding meal made from Mother Nature’s own and one of my favorite sausages. Plus a beautiful kitchen assistant. The good life.
    Aloha to the Ohana.


  7. Orlando Oxiles "Ox" said

    Aloha Tod,
    We are reminded that hunting and its enjoyment is a process or journey and not a destination. That journey may include an emptihandiness that may be blessed with mushrooms.
    Your priorities are proper and righteous.

    Mahalo for sharing – Ox


  8. Terri said



  9. Bea Kikawa said

    My mouth is watering. I’d rather have mushrooms anytime.


  10. Brad said


    That’s why they call it hunting not killing. Looks like you won’t be going hungry with all the mushrooms and bear meat thanks to Jacob. Cody got lucky again and this blacktail will make the Oregon book. Talk to you soon.



  11. Bob Hera said

    Hi Gang from Lana’i,
    The event sounds familiar! I’ll settle for the mushrooms and lup cheong. Aloha to the ohana.


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