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Home On The Range

Posted by todblog on March 9, 2010

March 7, 2010

Today wrapped up eight weeks of family fun, shooting clay targets at the local gun club. We were shocked when our good buddy Brent Short (yes- the potato gun guy) asked us if we wanted to join his team and participate in the Roseburg Rod and Gun Club’s Winter Trap League. Now Brent is a pretty serious trap shooter and we all came to the conclusion that he must be tired of winning if he’s asking us to form a team with him! Well it also happens that Brent is a very generous person and what he really wanted was to give other folks a chance to win a team trophy. So, we thought we could help him bring his team’s score down and were happy to do our part. Well as the weeks went by and score cards were posted, it appeared that Brent’s team, Premier Homes, was doing fairly well and in contention for a first place trophy in Division C. Apparently, it was too much for Brent to take so, he “accidentally” cut his hand with a circular saw at work one day and ended his participation on the team with a couple of weeks left to shoot. However, his feeble attempt to sabotage the team’s score went unnoticed thanks to some good shooting by the other members of the team. The result was Team Premier Homes walked out of the clubhouse at the end of the season with first place trophies! Although our shooting wasn’t the best, we had a great time on the range as a family. A family that shoots together stays together!

Having fun at the Roseburg Rod & Gun Club Trap Range

“Hurry up dad, everyone’s waiting on you!”

“Tod, how could you miss that shot?”

Jacob keeping score

Even Mele gets ear protection at the range

Pretty cool trophy design


17 Responses to “Home On The Range”

  1. Tamara said

    Awesome story, looks like great fun. Hot looking mama;) Love you guys.


  2. Mark Oda said

    Tod – Congratulations to you all. Were you posting above 95’s?

    I’ve done quite a bit of trap shooting. What I quickly realised is that I was NOT competitive. The guy with the dog and white cane out shot me.


  3. Sandy said

    Way to go you family. We are getting ready to go to Barbara’s for Sara’s birthday. That means the Rowland family will have 2 15 year old kids learning to drive! UGH! So if you see Barbara in a couple of years with grey hair, you will know why!

    Jim is still swimming 5 days a week, only this week he is cut down to 3 because of Doctor appointment and birthday.

    Love hearing from you. By the way, I am a Great Grandmother to a baby girl named
    Kiley Ann Handson. Michele is the very proud Grandmother and her daughter Tessa is the Mommy. Kiley weighed 7 pounds, 20 inches long, and oh so pretty baby.

    Michele’s son, Jacob is in the Marines and deployed this time to the Sea of Japan on the USS Essex. He is a full Corporal, not bad for not being in there too long.
    He is sure seeing places that we will never see. Back home in August. We Miss Him.


  4. Uncle Howard said

    Todd: Just came home from San Diego..Randy got a big promotion and is moving to LAX..Looking for a home in the Manhattan Beach area His e-mail address


  5. Orlando Oxiles "Ox" said

    Aloha Lums,
    You have taken a page out of a family that prays together stays together. Or does the family equate shooting with praying? Either way all look well and appear to be doing well. Does Jessica shoot or pray too?

    Aloha and mahalo for sharing. It is always great to hear from you folks.


  6. bob said

    Lots of fun! I remember shooting clay birds at that clear cut. What a great time. The Lums will definitely be sticking togeather. Keep up the great stories.
    Aloha to Your Ohana,


  7. Bea Kikawa said

    Sounds like you had fun. What did Jessica do?



  8. Cory Lar Rieu said

    Congratulations Lum Family!!! I will make sure I wear lots of orange when I am around you folks. Don’t want to be mistaken for any four legged creature or a flying clay thing. I still wear a scar on my AS…from a B.B. and have permature gray hair from flying arrows at front doors. All that practice does pay off. I always new you were NUMBER ONE!!! Well done gang.

    Love and Aloha,
    Cory 🙂


  9. Terri said

    As always very cool. Where was Jessica during all this family fun? : )


  10. cassie whitman said

    looks like fun!!!!:D


  11. marvin ma said

    Hi Todd

    Must be nice to do all these adventurous and thrilling things as a family, good going. However you better not piss off your wife if she shoots guns too. Hah Hah. Nice hearing from you again.

    Much love from Hawaii


  12. todblog said

    Jessica was in the clubhouse watching the shoot, coloring, or reading. She’ll be shooting someday with the rest of the fam and it’ll be another reason to buy a new shotgun:) !


  13. Donna said

    Hey, that looks like fun. We haven’t done that in a long time. They boys did go goat hunting last month and Brandon brought home a big, stinky billy. Ugh, totally disgusting. I think he has it posted on his facebook. Looking forward to a cookout over here with you guys.


  14. Michele (Higgins) Busboom said

    Ahhh, brings back memories of trapshooting at Eastern! Thanks so much for sharing!


  15. cousin Karen said

    Hey there Tod and Jeanine. CONGRATULATIONS! Jake seems to look more and more like Jeanine. What a wonderful family time and accomplishment. It’s not easy for my family to have a dedicated fruitful time together. That’s another point for you to champion. New addition to our family is tibetan spaniel Esther. I liked seeing your Mele in the photos. Blessings! love,


  16. Bob Hera said

    Aloha Tod and Family,
    Sounds and looks like fun. Me the big family guy could only shoot for subsistance, but my brother had a lot of fun doing it. My kids and I did spend a lot of time together laying net and hunting. But, that’s the way to go. Keep doing it so it’ll pass on to the kids. Bob from Lana’i.


  17. ralph saitos said

    Glad that you had a great time on a family activity! Jessica will probably be the best shot ever!!! Have a wonderful spring season. We will begin clearing our Ahualoa lot very soon. Next big thing is to declutter this house to ready it for sale. Hope someone wants this old (wonderful) house!!


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