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Spring Birthdays

Posted by todblog on May 23, 2010

April 24, 2010

Each April we struggle to make plans for Jacob’s birthday. When we ask him what he wants to do, he doesn’t know. It’s too far to think about or plan for in advance. To be fair, spring is a VERY busy time for us all going in different directions. One of the big things we do is chase a white ball around the countryside following Jacob’s Umpqua Valley Christian School varsity baseball team. It’s been a wonderful experience to see him grow into his shoes and establish himself as a player who contributes to a great team. So, what better way to celebrate his birthday than with his teammates. We made arrangements with head coach Dave York to tell all the boys that there would be a surprise pizza party after their home game against Riddle.

The UVC boys dealt Riddle a 20-1 loss and to celebrate, the boys were going out to eat pizza and Jacob would tag along. We told Jacob to have fun and we’d see him at home…

Round Table Pizza Surprise!!!

The Happy Birthday Song to the 17 year old boy

Dad’s work of art- Kitty Litter Cake- YUM!

May 3, 2010

Today was a special day. It was my dad’s birthday and for us, that means going out to eat some good Chinese food. That’s not easy living in Roseburg, Oregon. There are lots of Chinese restaurants around but, they are pretty much Westernized and deep fry lots of their food, cover it with a sauce and there you have it. We’ve found a few that come close and usually go there to celebrate dad’s birthday each May.

However, there was a slight wrinkle in our dinner plans as we were going to be in the neighboring town of Oakland watching Jacob’s Umpqua Valley Christian School varsity baseball team play Oakland. The town of Oakland is only a few city blocks and it would be a serious challenge to find a Chinese restaurant and a good one at that. We went to the baseball game and didn’t give dinner plans much more thought.

When we got to the ballpark, we were surprised to learn that Jacob would be starting on the mound, pitching for UVC. As it turns out, he did a great job and pitched a complete game. His teammates supported him well by playing good defensive baseball and when it was their turn to bat, they got ‘er done. The final result was UVC 22 -Oakland 2 (in five innings). Although Jacob walked four batters and two of them came around to score runs, it was Jacob’s first no-hitter game pitched!   After every game, we’re always hungry and this game was even more special. Could we find a good Chinese restaurant nearby?

Jeanine thumbed through the phone book and found a restaurant in Sutherlin, China Station Buffet, which was five minutes away. I called to talk to someone there to find out what kind of food they had. The owner answered and spoke with a detectable Chinese accent. I thought to myself, “eh, we get chance”. I told the owner that we would be there in a few minutes.

We were not dissappointed. It was a family run business and they had moved from Hong Kong to San Francisco to Medford and now live in Sutherlin. We told them why we were there and asked about certain dishes including cake noodles with beef and vegetable topping. The owners knew exactly what we were talking about and began cooking it up. I can only imagine how  dad would’ve been having an extended dialog with the owner/cook as to how he wanted certain dishes to be cooked and with what on it. I miss seeing dad in action like that. Anyhow, the owner’s name was Moses and he was very kind to us. He gave us a whole plate of almond cookies, freshly cooked gin dui (mochi rice balls with black sugar bean filling), and some of his homemade char siu to take home and try (it was VERY good). I told the owner that I dreamed one day Roseburg would have its own dim sum restaurant. He told me to call ahead and he would make it! The owner also said to bring him some ducks and he’d make Chinese roast duck for me. I’ll have to remember that for this coming waterfowl season!

Jack (as he’s know to his teammates) throwing a complete game and no-hitter at Oakland

Sutherlin Chinese Station Buffet- Happy Birthday Dad


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