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Man Law Violation

Posted by todblog on October 25, 2011

October 21, 2011

Man Law is defined by Wikipedia as an unwritten code by which men live by. I believe several Man Laws were violated this past weekend.

My neighbor Glen asked me if I could set up a goose hunt so he could get some retriever work for Chinook, his Yellow Labrador retriever. I was fully in agreement as I thought it would be enjoyable to once again hunt over a well trained dog. Glen said Chinook didn’t have much experience with geese and that this would be a good opportunity for him. As it turns out, it was a great hunt and Chinook did really well. There was only one problem,… a serious Man Law violation occurred on this hunt. In the absence of a good game cart to haul our decoys to the field, we used my wife’s Toyota Sienna mini-van. I’m almost sure, this was a severe infraction of a Man Law. Men are not supposed to use or be in close proximity to a mini-van while hunting. Some would say, it’s best to not even own one. We also had girls hunting with us who were not dressed in camo but, outfitted in pink and white! I’m pretty sure there is a Man Law against that too. Fortunately, that was remedied by Glen’s pop-up camouflage blind and stools for the girls to sit on and watch the hunt. It was pretty cozy in the tent blind and the girls had fun. I gave Jessica the pull string that operates the wing-flappin’ motion decoy. That was fun for her to operate. As it turns out, the girls all had a fun morning in the blind watching the geese come into the decoys and Chinook go to work.

Man Law Violation- hunting with/in/around/from/using/or owning a mini-van

Root wads line the edge of the barley field

Hiding in the root wads and waiting for the honkers to arrive

Geese flying along the valley and eye-ballin' the barley below

Nature's lawn mowers

The conclusion to a successful morning goose hunt

Some girls don't mind getting goosed

Young tender barley shoots- it's what's for dinner, lunch & breakfast

The key to successful goose hunting is treating your decoys well... reading them a Mother Goose Story at the end of the day (probably another Man Law Violation)


9 Responses to “Man Law Violation”

  1. terri said

    Love it. Real men can break man laws!


  2. Rick said

    Great story, ever shoot one at 350 yards with a 22-250?


  3. Scott said

    Hi Tod, good to hear from you…great stuff! I just brought home a 14 week old black lab named Ben. He is out of some very good lines. I hope to hunt him someday. If you are ever in the Bend area call me. Aloha! Hey, where is your son attending school?


  4. bob said

    Thanks for the great true adventure story. Not too many local girls would be grabbing the necks of geese and posing for a picture. I love it. That is probably why Jessica is straying from Hula, she is just having too much fun with Dad and company.


  5. Awesome story:) Loved the pic of you reading to the decoys the best. I’m afraid your cool effect fizzled with the mini van;) haha. Hope all is well.


  6. todblog said

    The boy is losing his voice at football games with his face painted black and orange!!! Go BEAVS!!!
    He is majoring in Chemical Engineering. Guess he wants to pay for parking and live in a busy city somewhere when he graduates…


  7. Orlando said

    Aloha Tod and familia,
    Great story as always with your signature brand of humor. Hats off to you.

    Have two grandsons now and a blond, blue eyed grand daughter. Just to let you know that it started with Matt discovering girls with a natural progression to……

    Great to hear from you again as always.

    Aloha, mahalo and God bless.



  8. Mark Adkins said

    Lee Lakosky is a former Chemical Engineer, maybe you boy will end up in Iowa owning and managing thousands of acres of prime whitetail ground 🙂


  9. Raynette said

    You always have amazing stories, but the best story I bet was the one you read to them, they all seemed to be so in to the story LOL!! Nice to hear from you – : )


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