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Dai Yai’s Rat Shooter

Posted by todblog on November 25, 2012

November 24, 2012

Last spring I got certified in a Concealed Carry Weapon’s Class and several weeks later went down to the Douglas County Courthouse and got my license to carry a concealed firearm. But, I’ve never taken the next step to go out and get a gun to my liking (not that I don’t like guns, just gotta find the right one for me). I’ve talked to a lot of different folks including enforcement officers and there’s a lot of information on the internet with tons of videos too. Add the fact there’s all this buzz going on with Black Friday sales, it got me motivated to look a little deeper. Today I went to my favorite store, Bi-Mart (“the Longs Drugs with fishing and hunting stuff”) and took advantage of their big ammo sale and headed to The Baron’s Den in Eugene, a nice indoor shooting range. I figured it would be prudent to try out different handguns to see what felt comfortable and if I could hit what I aimed at…with any kind of consistency.

It was a fun visit and the staff was super friendly. They had a good inventory of handgun rentals of various calibers and actions. Pretty good deal at $25 range fee (non-member rate) + $5/caliber. I brought my own factory ammo and targets and settled in for a few hours of paper punching. I chose to dust off an old handgun given to me from my grandfather (Dai Yai Lum) and take it to the range. It’s a 1903 Colt automatic hammerless pistol in .32 caliber. One of my uncle’s told me that he used it to shoot rats under the house (that had to be loud). I wonder if that was one of those things you did when your dad wasn’t home. Did neighbors back in those days get concerned at loud noises coming from under another house? Probably not. Those were the days kids could go for days without anyone noticing they were gone, slides at the playgrounds were high, steep, and you landed on hard dirt, and there was no media blitzing us 24/7 about the constant stranger danger in your area. Okay, enough about that.

When I got to my shooting lane and uncased the “rat shooter” I got several looks from other shooters in the area. “Wow, that ‘s an old gun…. cool!” I loaded a magazine and placed a target out at 7 yards and shot 8 smooth shots. Very little recoil and a very pleasant pistol to shoot. Although, it would take a few more sessions to get good enough where I could shoot a rat.

I enjoyed shooting the 9mm and .40 cal pistols from various manufacturers. It was fun punching paper at various distances. Some guns were definitely not friendly to fire and difficult to shoot accurately and/or I just stunk. I couldn’t imagine using those guns when it really mattered when your breathing hard and your heart is racing from the adrenaline coursing through your veins. If I can’t shoot well when I’m relaxed, I would really be in trouble under stress.  At least my time on the range wasn’t wasted, I found out more about what I liked and didn’t like. I’m probably closer to a decision but, haven’t picked out “the one” yet. It’s kind of like shopping for a new car and having a fun time taking test drives.

Our Concealed Carry class being taught by an LTS Tactical firearms instructor

Julie showing off her target after the range portion of the class.

My grandfather’s 1903 Colt Hammerless Automatic Pistol in .32 caliber aka~ “The Rat Shooter”


Test driving the handguns at various distances


Smith & Wesson MP9c, Ruger LC9, Glock 26


5 Responses to “Dai Yai’s Rat Shooter”

  1. Maile said

    Did not know Gung Gung owned a gun.


  2. John W. said

    I like the Colt rat shooter best of all!


  3. todblog said

    I had heard stories about the pistol from Gung Gung and later from Uncle Ed and Wilfred. I never did see it until after he passed away. I wish I could hear the rest of the stories.


  4. Mark Oda said

    Have you made a decision yet? I’m leaning yowards the .40 (Sig).


  5. todblog said

    Ended up getting the Springfield XD Subcompact 9mm. It shot the best for me and ammo WAS readily available and cheaper than .40 or bigger. With all the crazy ammo buying going on, my gun is now a paper weight. I’m hoping the ammo inventory on the store shelves will be restored to their former levels someday soon….


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