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I Think I May Have Cooked My Own Goose…

Posted by todblog on January 20, 2013

January 20, 2013

After last goose season, it’s been difficult to get too excited about waking up early and traveling any distance to go goose hunting. It was pretty hard to beat crossing the street to your neighbor’s field and have phenomenal hunting there. However, that same field this year is covered in new hazelnut trees and the geese aren’t interested in it anymore. That said, there’s one more week until the season ends and I’ve only been out four times. They’ve all been great hunts with birds to take home but, my shooting has been terrible. My first hunt early in the season found me borrowing a few shotshells to get my limit of 4 geese. That’s really bad when you bring a box of 25 shotshells and need a few more to limit out. My hunting partner that day watched me shoot and could see plainly that I was not following through as I shot at geese which resulted in consistently shooting behind the bird. Now that’s terrible shooting. Luckily, there were a lot of birds flying that day and many more opportunities. It was also lucky I had patient hunting partners who had no place they needed to be and were content to watch me miss and laugh.

My last goose hunt found me choosing to pluck a couple of birds to try cooking them differently. Some other friends slow roasted their geese and I had the chance to eat one and it was fabulous. I was going to give that a try myself and see if I couldn’t get the same result. It’s a simple recipe.

Pluck goose and singe any small quills/feathers left on the skin. Remove all entrails and wash cavity and outside of goose well. Rub with salt and pepper in and outside of goose. Place in a roasting pan breast side down. Place carrots, sweet onions, potatoes around the pan and seal closed with a lid or foil. Roast in oven @ 250 degrees for 6 hours. When you remove the bird from the oven, the meat will be falling off the bones and it’ll be very tender. Serve it on a bed of rice and drizzle with your favorite sauce. I used a raspberry chipotle sauce and it was killer! I’ve used Chinese plum sauce and found that to be excellent as well. All this cooking makes me wish I had more days left in the season or that I was a better shot.


Good eatin’ geese came from this recently harvested corn field. Don’t those decoys look good out there!


The hunting gallery that so generously loaned me a few shells to get my 4 goose limit. They aren’t smiling, they’re laughing at me.


Later in the season geese and ducks still decoying well into flooded fields just off the river. Those decoys still look great!


Late season goose hunting is even harder when you fail to wear the right camouflage and you’re forced to blend in with a muddy ditch where the birds don’t want to be.


We still managed to convince a few birds to come visit us.


Not bad for having the wrong camo on that day.


Jessy helping me out by taking the birds to the backyard for cleaning.


Jessy learned where goose down for comforters, jackets, vests, and sleeping bags comes from…


After 6 hours covered with foil in a roasting pan at 250 degrees. Onolicious falling off-the-bones, tender, moist, roasted goose!


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