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Rubbish Guns

Posted by todblog on February 15, 2013

February 10, 2013

Ever since moving to Roseburg, Oregon, I’ve always been impressed with the local gun shows held at the Douglas County Fairgrounds twice-a-year. One of the more popular ones is hosted by the Roseburg Rod and Gun Club and is a fund raising event. They are very organized and post signs all over town informing the public about the upcoming show and it draws a fair amount of people. I usually won’t go out of my way to attend the gun show unless I am going to the county rubbish dump/recycle center nearby. However, it is uncanny how those gun shows seem to always be about the same time I need to make a run to the dump. Here’s how it starts: gun show signs posted around town, collect garbage cans around the house/yard (neighbors garbage if not enough), and go to the dump on Saturday.

With all the talk about pending gun control legislation there is a huge demand for guns and ammunition throughout the nation. The shelves at the local sporting goods stores have been wiped out of popular caliber ammunition and there has also been a brisk sale of handguns. I was curious how the current gun control politics would impact the local gun show. I was amazed at all the people in attendance but, not surprised.

The proposed ban on “assault” weapons and high capacity magazines is really about to make a lot of law abiding citizens outlaws. These laws will have NO affect on gun violence as people bent on doing evil will continue to get their hands on whatever they want. What it has done is drive the current levels of gun and ammo sales through the roof. I like to target shoot but, trying to find a box of ammo is pretty hard to do right now and finding the components to reload your own ammunition is just as bad. Guess I’ll have to wait until hopefully one day the shelves will get restocked with ammunition and not disappear in a few hours. I hope by the time that happens, the guns I have won’t be illegal for me to own…

I went into one local gun store and they had a framed picture on the wall of their Employee of the Year, it was Barrack Obama.



Cabela’s Springfield store- handgun ammo shelf practically wiped-out!

StewartPk StephensSt Vendors busy






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