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Da Girl’s On Fire!

Posted by todblog on August 14, 2013

August 12, 2013

The clock is ticking on the last remaining days before Oregon’s bow season starts on August 24th. Everyone is or should be sharpening their shooting skills and getting their gear all ready for their deer and/or elk bowhunt. While archery tournaments tend to taper this time of year, there are still some fun shoots offered by local clubs. We did some searching online and found ourselves making plans to return to Beekman Ridge Archery in Butte Falls to participate in their Hunters Tune-up Fun Shoot.

Saturday morning, we packed some food and clothes and tossed a Coleman stove, lantern, pillows, ice chest, folding chairs, quick shade canopy, table, pillows, futons, sleeping bags and more pillows in the truck and we were off to Butte Falls. We got a late start and arrived in the afternoon but, still managed to have enough time to register, shoot at a couple of money dot targets and then shoot at 43 3D targets scattered throughout the property. Unlike the state championship tournament we attended last time we were here, it was very casual and it was just the two of us walking through the course. It was very enjoyable and great practice for us both.

One thing became readily apparent, I could see an improvement in Jessy’s shooting abilities and I was impressed with her desire to excel as a shooter. This was only her second time at an archery field course and she was into it. Now as parents, our job is to provide opportunities to our children, promote their physical and mental growth and encourage them along life’s path. So, you can imagine how strange I felt when my 12 year old daughter was trying to console me after a missed shot or discovering that I’d lost or broken an arrow. Mind you, adults and youths shoot from different distances at the same target however, it was still quite the role reversal to be blanketed in soft encouraging words as we walked up to the target.

“Good job dad!”Ā  “Next time dad”Ā  “Good try dad”Ā  “Almost dad”

Sunday morning found us back on the field course again and Jessy continued to burn up the course, the girl was on fire. She took her time, placed her shots well and never let it get to her head that her arrows were scoring higher than her dad’s on many of the targets. The consoling continued as we walked up to any one of the 43 targets to see our results.

Towards the end of the day, the hosts gave out some nice raffle items and then announced the Hunters Tune-up Fun Shoot winners. It was only Jessica’s second archery tournament, and she scooped up the award for First Place Female Youth! That was one excited girl running up to get her trophy. I’m sure it will be something she remembers for a long time.

On our drive home, Jessica told me that she kept looking at the different livestock in the fields along the highway like they were 3D targets with vital organs outlined on their bodies. She also shared that she couldn’t wait to get a deer this bow season. Now that’s a bulls-eye in my book.


Lots of practice shooting at home on the range


Cozy car camping at Beekman Archery Range


$150 if you hit the orange dot on the cougar or bear. Sasquatch in the background didn’t count.


Rocky backstop behind a hyena and an assortment of broken arrows on the ground.


We both got 10 pts on this buck but, if the rules were different, she’d have a 12 pt shot. Jessica drilled it!

Jessy isn't intimidated by rocks because she didn't buy her own arrows!

Jessy isn’t intimidated by rocks because she didn’t buy her own arrows!


That’s why she scores a 10 and I get a 5. I avoided splintering a $10 arrow and found a piece of the target…”foam is your friend”


Showing her cousins in Florida how to wrestle man-eating reptiles


One of my few 10 pointers that I got heaps of praises for shooting.


Another big buck with huge distracting antlers


Another 10 pointer for Jessy and my arrow is in the carpet behind her…


Shooting downhill from an elevated platform at a cougar


Sizing up a standing bear…where are the vitals and how far is it?


Drawing down at another bear from the yellow stake for youth shooters.


I’ve seen that intense determined look before…. at a spelling bee competition!


Two good shots taken across a pond at this dinosaur.


Shooting at a stegosaurus from inside a log cabin.


Shooting through a hollow log at a badger.


Taking aim at another unknowing feeding buck


Surprised to hear her name announced for an award!


All smiles- 1st Place Youth Female


Someone’s growing up to be a fine shot and a good encourager!


10 Responses to “Da Girl’s On Fire!”

  1. Sony said

    That’s wonderful Tod šŸ™‚ Reminds me of my Dad and I – Best friends forever! She will rememeber times like these for the rest of her life! Special moments šŸ™‚


  2. Martha said

    Very impressive Miss Jessica. šŸ™‚
    Love and Miss you,
    Aunty Martha.


  3. Looks like it was fun-Great job Jessy! And good form!! That takes some strong muscles!
    Thanks for sharing Tod. Alligator season is now- does Jessy want to take a shot?


  4. Taj said

    Great shooting Jess, Tod, I hear carpet taste good if you simmer it in BBQ sauce.


  5. Tod, she has amazing form. I will forward this on to my Jacob…he is beginning @ WSU on Monday to become a Game Officer after 5 years with the Marines. Go Jessie and DAD, too!


  6. ralph/jean said

    Jessica, you really are Daddy’s “little” girl ….for real ! Good job Tod and Jeanine! What fine form and yes, that “look” of determination is definitely Tod ! Keep up the fun work. Hope Jacob is doing well at college, too ! love, ralph/jean in Ahualoa!


  7. Randy lee said

    Great story Tod. she is your daughter for sure, great form! What a great memory for the both of you. The only animal I ever shot was on one of your dads beach house trips at kawela bay. An early morning hunt with you for small game was fruitless, so shot a cow in a pasture from 20 yards with a target arrow. Not a proud moment but memorable. Lees say hi. Hope the family is well. Randy


  8. mac/ning said

    hi, jess and tod,
    makling and eating “deep dish” blueberry pie – and going bowhunting together…sounds like a most fun and a wonderful memory making summer!!


  9. Raynette said

    Thanks for share your amazing story. It’s always so nice to here from you, and you keeping us updated. She’s a beautiful girl


  10. robert said

    Great Job Daddy Tod! You are always an Inspiration to me to try being a better parent. As always a wonderful story! Thanks for sharing.


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