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Tickled Pink

Posted by todblog on December 2, 2013

December 2, 2013

Sunday marked the end of the Late Bow Deer Season in the Melrose Wildlife Management Unit where bowhunters could take a a buck or doe black-tailed deer. It was a long season that started in late August and stopped in October for rifle deer and elk season and then resumed in late November. That’s a good thing for Jessica, a young girl with a busy schedule that includes school, volleyball, hula, youth group, voice, and time to unwind with a good book and sleeping in late. Somewhere in-between all those things she found time to go out with her bow and look for a deer.

Choosing to hunt with a bow is a real challenge especially for a first-time hunter. The thrill is in the skill. Closing the distance on a very nervous animal that usually has all the advantages of detecting you first is just plain tough. Still, Jessy was up to the task and wanted to give it a try. That’s all I could ask for, get out there and find a deer to bring home.

It was fun teaching and seeing her learn about watching the wind, keeping noise down to a minimum, and anticipating how deer might react to our movements (still trying to learn that one). She quickly realized how much of a challenge it was going to be to take a deer with a bow at close range. I gave her lots of credit for putting out the effort when I know there were a lot of other things she could have been doing with her free time. It was neat to see how driven she was to get a deer on her own with a bow. I was tickled pink.

It turned out to be a season of lessons for both of us. I told her I learn something every time I go out in the field, I never stop learning. At her age I remember learning how to bowhunt goats in South Kona and how much I learned my first year bowhunting. It was a lot of fun and like her first hunt, I didn’t get to bring one home with me but, I vowed to keep trying.

Thanks for letting me be a part of your hunts and for being a great hunting partner Jessy. Keep up the great work!


Jessy and Greg heading out for an afternoon deer hunt


Great form and focus!


Goofing around with the “Killer” face


Deer in a hazelnut orchard taken through a binocular lens. They’re farther away from her than they look.


A forked horn buck sneaking off in the fog


This is my bow!


Dad, put the camera away, we got deer to hunt!


Savoring these moments with my little honey girl!


5 Responses to “Tickled Pink”

  1. Beets said

    That is one great gal,you got there toddy. I love the pic of the two of you and the dirty face one. Love her!!!


  2. Webmail bhntr said

    Hey Tod, Great pics of you guys’s hunts, I saved some of them to my comp. Too bad the pop up didn’t work out… seems like that would have been a sure fire way to score. Anyways, being unsuccessful is successful in building “hunting” character and knowledge. As for me, I have taken my first Whitetail (doe) and killed a nice Piggley Wiggley w/my bow right before the bow season ended. More hunting to come tho… Miss you guys, Cheerz and Alohazz, Leo


  3. Beatriz Portela said

    Wow, great pictures! – Beatriz


  4. Kehau and Ka'imiloa Chrisman said

    AWRIGHT, Jessica! πŸ™‚ Uncle Ka’imiloa and I are so proud of you and your accomplishments! Bowhunting is tough stuff, but you learn sooo much more. I give you 100 extra points just for getting out there and giving it a good try! BTW, it’s nice to have another hula girl out there hunting. There can’t be too many of us hula girls in the world who bowhunt! So, I say to you…..Keep it up! πŸ™‚ (And….proud of you two too, Tod and Jeanine! You raised an awesome daughter!)


  5. John Whitman said

    Love those pics Tod! Treasure those moments.


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