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Jessy’s Christmas Tree Hunt

Posted by todblog on December 7, 2013

November 30, 2013

Each year we try to pass on the tradition of decorating a nice Christmas tree in our home. That tradition includes going up into the attic, dusting off the boxes of decorations, walking out with the boxes hunkered down and bumping your head on the roof trusses, and of course taking a day to head out in the woods to find a nice Christmas Tree. There are thousands of acres of trees in the Umpqua National Forest and I feel compelled to do my part in opening up the forest to get more sunlight on the ground (see Trading Elk for Turkeys) even if it means cutting a small Christmas Tree. Hey, I gotta do my part when I can and at $5 per tree permit that’s a great deal. Well, this year we ran into a time crunch and decided to find a tree close to home and visited Bailey’s Christmas Tree Farm just a few miles away. Mr. Bailey was his usual happy self as he greeted us and sent us out into his farm. It was gonna be a whopping $15 for any tree you wanted and you had to cut it yourself. This year it was going to be Jessy’s turn to cut the tree down using a bow saw. Being the newest bowhunter in our family I felt it rather appropriate. The trees were nicely sheared, very plump and smelled great. We saw other families coming and going to cut their own trees and I’m sure they were also trying to pass on Christmas traditions to the next generation as they hauled their prize tree back home to be decorated. I was happy to hear politically incorrect people talking about where on the farm they were finding good Christmas trees as opposed to calling them Holiday trees. Such boldness. They even went a step further and wished others a Merry Christmas. Now that’s a tradition worth perpetuating in my family.


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One Response to “Jessy’s Christmas Tree Hunt”

  1. Leo Millan said

    Merry Christmas you guys! Nice tree too!Tod you look cold in all but the indoor picture…


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