Birds For Koa

November 19, 2017

Today was to be the day I was going to take Koa on a bird hunting trip in the nearby woods. Too many times before my plans were foiled by other priorities that she couldn’t understand like work, car repair, evil yard work, etc.

I loaded up the truck with hunting gear and Koa immediately recognized the shotgun and knew we were destined for some good times ahead. She got to ride “shotgun” and loved it. I wasn’t quite sure where we were going to hunt which is a big problem when there’s so much public land around. I’m truly thankful for those kinds of problems.

A few miles down the road I heard a “bub bub bub” noise as the wheels rotated. It was my rear wheel bearing going bad. I made it to town and knew what my day was going to be like…under a truck getting greasy…again. After getting some parts and supplies we turned around and headed home, depressed dog and all. We made a short side trip to the neighbors mowed corn field just to count the geese in it. A measly 250+ birds gorging themselves on unharvested corn. The geese were honking and carrying on as Koa stared them down and my tires rolled away “bub bub bub” on my way home to work on the truck.

250+ geese chowing down on corn

A few minutes later I was in the garage putting hunting gear back and looking at a disappointed dog. I grabbed some retrieving bumpers and bird wings and we took a short walk to a nearby field. Koa loves fetching and finding hidden bird wings and will do it all day long given the chance.

Soon I was under the truck turning wrenches and getting to the problem bearing when I got a call. It was my friend Moses who wanted to swing by with a surprise. That could only mean one thing,.. good Chinese food was on its way!

One axle later Moses pulled into the driveway with gifts he brought all the way from San Francisco Chinatown. His wide grin lit up the gray fall afternoon and brightened my gloomy attitude as well. Especially when I saw what he was carrying, a box with a whole roast duck.

Moses was here to save the day. He brought us dinner and Koa would get to find a bird after all. It would be a good test to see how well she’ll “whoa” on command while staring at a delicious Chinese roast duck!

Turns out Koa did a great job. Now if I can only get wild ducks to taste this good!


1 thought on “Birds For Koa

  1. Poor Koa! Hopefully you guys will be able to go next weekend! Our Bauer would b thinking that that duck was brought over for him!
    Great Story!!!


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