March 18, 2018

Once upon a time, there was a clear division on who got taught how to do what by whom. Huh? Yeah, fathers taught sons to turn wrenches, unplug drains/toilets, operate equipment, etc. Moms taught daughters about sewing, cooking, yada yada yada. Not anymore and I’m glad. I love seeing women posting their hunting, fishing and shooting pictures with big grins over a satisfying job well done. Many of those “traditional” lines have been blurred and as a society I think we’re better for it. So, let’s examine my family.IMG_9364

fam selfie

I dearly love my family, all of ’em. That includes our youngest member, 2-1/2 year old Koa. Outdoors, she’s all business- “Don’t pet me, let’s go get/fetch something, NOW!” She loves to go bird hunting whether it be sitting in a blind waiting for ducks or geese to swing in over the decoys or coursing over a hillside looking for upland game birds. She is truly a versatile hunting dog breed. When it comes to being a family member, Koa is a pure sweetheart with a deep and affectionate bond to the family. As the daylight fades and the shadows grow long, she craves her evening cuddle time with anyone (more often it’s me) who will let her up and onto their lap. Because I’m the one who hunts and spends the most time with her and she curls up on the couch with me, Koa gets labeled “my dog”.

There are some things I wish would stay on “the other side of the traditional line”. Like taking care of your girls estrus cycle. Yup, the dreaded topic of feminine hygiene. Why should I have to deal with that? That’s a mommy-daughter thing ain’t it and what the heck would I know about that anyway? Well, every six months or so, “my dog” Koa comes into heat (starts her estrus cycle). If we want to keep letting her into the house and maintain that family relationship then certain things need to be addressed, like not having a mess-trus in the house. So, what do you do?

Like many questions, you can find answers to them on the internet. I ended up buying a package of toddler briefs that fit snug around Koa’s hips and cut a hole in them for her tail to poke through. Then I bought some panty liners to intercept anything from messtrusing the house up. Problem solved! The hardest part of the entire ordeal was making a decision on what size, style, load capacity, fragrance, flavor, etc. of feminine hygiene product to buy. Asking women in the same aisle didn’t go over very well. Hey, it takes guts for me to ask and for them to answer. I felt trapped, I was being fully absorbed by hygiene products in every direction. It was plain to see, I was totally men-strated. I didn’t know whether to say it was for my dog or for my wife/daughter/sister/neighbor/co-worker. I just didn’t want to be seen as some creeper shopping for feminine products. I don’t know who got more red-faced, me or them. So, I finally made a decision before security came to escort me out of the store. The end result, Koa is happy (or at least we are) to be wearing light, fragrance free, overniter thin pads with wings. She gets changed out for a fresh set each time she is let back into the house.  This joy lasts for about 10-14 days.

As my British friend Douglas would say, “Now, that’s a bloody good story”


1 thought on “Men-stration

  1. Outta control…as usual.

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    ODFW Communications
    West Region & Conservation Program
    541-464-2179 O
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